Lockdown Birthdays

Hubsta turned 37 years young today, but he’s one of those lucky ones that can pass as a guy in his late 20s and even still gets asked for i.d. #ThoseMalaeuluGenes.

This year, I personally think we did an awesome job of giving him the ultimate ‘gift of time’ ✅ …

He got to blast his favourite Boys 2 Men jams as we worked side by side on our separate projects in his office #WorkTime.

Hubsta’s mum surprised him by popping over for a morning tea catch up #MumTime.

We got to walk up our local Pukeatua Hill and later reminisce about life over a beverage or 2 or 3 – okay 5 #QualityTime.

Then as per annual tradition, our boys shared why they’re happy hubsta was born, made the cake and played/wrestled around together until someone cried #KidsTime.

Hubsta then got his favourite Mocca from B.P. and disappeared for his own self isolation #MeTime.

Finishing up with a movie which is always chosen by our boys #FamilyTime.

When I explained to my boys that we are giving the ‘gift of time’ to hubsta for his birthday, my youngest replied: “But that’s cheating we give the time present every year mum”. Followed by my oldest: “Yeah and it’s lockdown … we give dad time everyday” #FiapotoTime.

Okay #ConfessionTime – This lockdown birthday actually doesn’t sound very different from how hubby and I celebrated birthdays growing up and obviously, my boys don’t realise that we are trying to pass down an important islander tradition. The one where these #NoFrills #LeaiSeTupe #GiftOfTime birthdays were all the rage 🥳 …

#LockdownBdaysSince1983✊🏽#LuckyYouGot2ChooseTheMovie😂#LuckyThereWasEvenAMovie💯 #Lucky&GratefulHubstaWasBorn❤️

Author: Dahlia Malaeulu

dah·li·a (dah-lee-ya) / noun: a flower that is widely cultivated for its impact and coloured personality / adj: abundant, bright, bold, fresh, ready-to-bloom / human form: daughter, mother, wife, educator, problem solver, creative, teine Sāmoa / working on: creating more brown spaces in the world / currently: moving in the write direction.

2 thoughts on “Lockdown Birthdays”

  1. Those: you will all look back at those times and come to a realisation that, money and things don’t amount to value and worth.
    Love it! That’s the greatest values to teach your kids. Time and family are the savings account that we should be checking in to regularly in times of all celebrations sad and great. I can now see the positives of meals that were cooked with fa’alavelave ingredients. Samoan mum’s can be resourceful with their cooking skills. Even though I can’t stand pisupo due to those times we had pisupo for weeks on end but I know that it is possible to have pisupo for breakfast, lunch and dinner cooked in a variety of ways 😂
    #SurvivalTimes #GoodTimes #TreasuredTimes


    1. Amen 🙏🏽 our parents were very resourceful and I still remember my only birthday party I had at 5yrs old, with a big to’ona’i and it was just exciting to have everyone over as my present ❤️… oh yeah and the yummy pisupo done 5 different ways 🤣🤣🤣 #LuckyMyKidsLikePisupo


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