A prayer just for you.

Dear God,

Are you okay?

I thought I would check in especially with all the overtime you must be doing with Covid-19 and the Lockdown.

I guess the news doesn’t help by constantly sharing stories about all the sadness and death that’s happening around the world. We don’t even watch it anymore since my oldest son started talking like the PSA Alert Level 4 advertisements and my youngest son started asking what would happen to him if ‘the virus’ got his father and I.

Even just the other day we went for our daily family walk and heard two separate arguments about money from two different houses. Then on the same walk, we saw my friend who was volunteering at a local food drive programme and delivering food parcels to families in need.

With all the sickness, death, challenges and issues families are facing all around the world, you must be getting a lot of prayer requests and be carrying a lot on your shoulders.

So this is why today’s prayer is just for you and to give you the strength to continue to help everyone who is need of comfort, support and most importantly hope.


(Collaboratively written with oldest old son who wondered how God was doing in his own bubble while trying to help everyone in the world.)

Author: Dahlia Malaeulu

dah·li·a (dah-lee-ya) / noun: a flower that is widely cultivated for its impact and coloured personality / adj: abundant, bright, bold, fresh, ready-to-bloom / human form: daughter, mother, wife, educator, problem solver, creative, teine Sāmoa / working on: creating more brown spaces in the world / currently: moving in the write direction.

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