Convos on a plane

Yesterday I landed in Auckland, feeling so grateful for my life and ready to take on the world. Partly for the personal purpose of my trip and because I was travelling with my uncle #AnotherDad, but it was mostly because of an amazing convo I had with the girl sitting next to me on the plane.

After fastening our seat belt, we started with the usual routine surface questions about our reasons for travel. Then a discussion around our careers and our lockdown experiences. Then our questions got deeper and led to sharing our purpose, personal missions, with the convo naturally flowing into what life was all about for us.

The girl had gone into business for her self as a designer of co-working spaces due to being burnt out a year ago explaining, “It just wasn’t worth it, I had to leave. I was giving my energy, time and my soul to my work and everyone and nothing to myself. And I thought, this can’t be what life’s all about?” I knew this question well as I had faced it a couple of years ago as I left full time teaching to help care for my mother and spend more time with my own children.

We shared our life lessons so far – Time is true happiness, the importance of being the presence and not the person, de-programming ourselves by developing our own intuition and stepping outside norms to create our own paths, the ripple effect of our impact on the world and just the simplicity and beauty in gratitude. All things my hubby and I had to learn along our journey in order to consciously design the lives we wanted for ourselves and our little aiga.

Honestly, we tried to contain our convo as we dug deeper and deeper, but the passengers all around us who were still waking up, due to the early morning flight, must of thought we were high on something. And we kind of were – we were high on life. Even better – our own lives.

Our 50 minute convo continued as we landed and only stopped when we were distracted by an older islander man seated a few rows in front of us. He was small in size but very strong and agile.

As the unfasten seat belt light turned on he had automatically jumped up to help all the people around him get their bags from the overhead luggage compartments. And when I mean he helped, he had jumped up on chairs to reach and pull out smaller luggage that had fallen to the back and not only got the luggage of those who were seated in his row, but also those seated behind him and across from him.

Although he held up the line of people wanting to get off the plane, the girl turned to me and said – ‘see look at that man, if everyone wasn’t in a rush to get off the plane to get to work to do this and do that, they would see the kind heart he has trying to help people, he’s so amazing helping everyone’.

I smiled back at her and said, ‘yes that’s my uncle – I better get to him quick before the line loses their patience’, laughing out loud and signalling to my uncle that he did a good job and to let the line pass.

As I walked off the plane feeling grateful for my life, the amazing people in it, the purpose of my trip and that my uncle wasn’t beaten up LOL – I thanked the girl for the convo and wished her well on her journey of designing her life.
#EverythingHappensForAReason #EveryoneIsInYourLife4AReason #DesignYourLife #TravelsWithUncle

Author: Dahlia Malaeulu

dah·li·a (dah-lee-ya) / noun: a flower that is widely cultivated for its impact and coloured personality / adj: abundant, bright, bold, fresh, ready-to-bloom / human form: daughter, mother, wife, educator, problem solver, creative, teine Sāmoa / working on: creating more brown spaces in the world / currently: moving in the write direction.

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