Talanoa with Tupe #OrianaTV

I’ve had an interesting ride on my journey as an author so far and today’s new and exciting adventure was being taped for a new Pasifika television show called, Talanoa with Tupe, which will air on Oriana TV next month #PacificFree2airTV

Each milestone or special event I’ve reached in my life was always shared with my mother #BFF via our traditional goss sessions afterwards, so here’s today’s debrief

Mum today I finally got to see what happens in Avalon Studios – that big concrete building across from Fraser Park where they film t.v. programmes. Yep I know #OMG #IKnow #TheyActuallyLetMeIn. Inside it’s honestly like a never ending rabbit hole with floors of doors that lead to more rooms, sets, studios, green rooms and who knows what else – It’s huge!

I was taken to hair and make-up first. And you know I’m not a make-up person in real life #Tomboy and how my hair can sometimes take on a life of its own, so I was a bit nervous about what I would end up looking like at the end of it. But the make-up artist Hills (Hiliary) was so nice and guess what mum she’s travelled around the world on different movies doing make up #EndGame #Avatar #LordOfTheRings. The best part was that she didn’t give me #CakeFace or make me look like a drag queen without a stage #LoveDragQueens #JustCouldn’tPullitOff. I can already hear you laughing saying – that’s good and wondering if Hills wants to buy any of your Lipscence products you sold from home. And no, Hills is not Sāmoan, she’s palagi and lives in the Hutt. And no I don’t think you know her, even though you’d be saying that you’re sure you know Hill’s mum, dad, friend, son #LOL.

Tupe, the host and Esera her husband, the production manager are awesome. They run Poporazzi Productions and you would love them mum – and yes you would definitely know some or all of their family as they are Sāmoan, Tanoai is their last name. A beautiful down to earth couple who are on the same journey of sharing our Pasifika stories while promoting the power we have as Pasifika. Their two daughters are just gorgeous and were on set helping too. Their eldest daughter Telesia contributed to the Teine Samoa Project – something I’m sure you have been helping me with over the past month … Mum I think I’m seriously addicted to creating spaces for our Pasifika tamaiti to shine #TeineSamoaProject’sSoWorthIt.  

I ended up laughing with Tupe because we both turned up colour co-ordinated with our outfits! Almost forgot – You would have loved my ofu today too mum, I made it this week because you know how I like to do and make my own things #CreativeFromWayBack #Independent and yes because I’m #Cheap. You always liked to inspect my ofu before I left home with a little grin being proud of making something out of nothing – yip I’m definitely your daughter.

Then there was the mics, sound check, Hills touched us up, lights and different cameras everywhere. The set was beautiful, with a lot of island things making it feel like home. Then I remember thinking it’s like a real t.v. show – oh no what if I blow the mics because of my loud islander laugh or maybe I should have worn my ofu differently because I made it to be long cardigan too #Multi-Purpose+Cheap plus I randomly heard you say ‘don’t forget to smile’. Then the cameras started rolling.  

Tupe asked some great questions and I start off a bit shaky and then it got smoother as it went on. I always find it weird that I can confidently speak to a whole school or take a workshop with a whole staff of teachers and plus you know how I looooove to talk – but when a camera’s put into the equation it just takes it to another level #NervesCentral. Luckily Hubsta was allowed in to keep me calm, still upholding his promise to you to look after me, which he did -between eating the free food in the green room #SoleA’e.

Thankfully we got to talking about the paperback version of Teine Sāmoa and it’s a pretty special one mum. It has the original story I wrote from the lockdown, student study questions #ClassroomFriendly and the Teine Sāmoa Project #OurVoicesOurStories #HelpTeachers&OurAiga. I got the test print on Friday and shared it with Tupe, Telesia, Esera and they were just as excited as I was.

As I left the set I told hubsta that I felt overwhelmed with gratitude. For the strong shoulders I have stood upon that have supported and wrapped me in alofa to help me get me to where I am today, the opportunities that have allowed me to continue to share our stories and for the amazing people that I have met on this journey like the Poporazzi Aiga who are doing some great work for our people.

If you were here I just know you would be sharing the news with everyone you knew via Facebook and the secret Insta account I found #Number1Fan and I guess now you’ll be spreading today’s news up in heaven. So make sure to tell your angel friends to join us in launching the paperback version of Teine Sāmoa when level 1 hits, ask them to bless Tupe, Esera and their aiga on their path and finally, don’t forget to drop me a sign about the interview when it airs because you know how I don’t like to hear or watch myself with interviews #Promote&Support #ThingsWeDo4OurTamaiti.

Until our next debrief – Missing you always,
alofa tele atu tinā xx

Author: Dahlia Malaeulu

dah·li·a (dah-lee-ya) / noun: a flower that is widely cultivated for its impact and coloured personality / adj: abundant, bright, bold, fresh, ready-to-bloom / human form: daughter, mother, wife, educator, problem solver, creative, teine Sāmoa / working on: creating more brown spaces in the world / currently: moving in the write direction.

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