Sorry … Not sorry.

While waiting in the queue for the checkout, doing my final scan of the food items in my shopping trolley, I was distracted by a palagi middle-aged man and what looked like his partner 2 trolleys in front of me.

The man had grabbed a copy of the Dom Post and as the woman was loading food on the moving conveyor belt, the man let out a ‘argh’ shaking his head.

Maybe he had forgotten something? I thought.

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#SLW2020 Learnings Part 2: The ‘knee on the neck’ effect.

To be honest, like many of you, my Samoan language week ended with a heavy heart over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

That video. The injustice. No words could explain. Or Justify any of it.

But not to my surprise many still are. Trying to explain and justify it all. And is probably why social media and all the keyboard warriors seem to be mirroring the rioting and protesting happening in America, online at the moment.

I can see why so many of us have been affected by this one event.

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