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Q. How did Mila’s Books start?

Mila’s Books were a result of a combined love for my tamaiti, my Samoan Culture and my passion for learning. The first stories written were created as resources for my own tamaiti to introduce, build confidence and strengthen their overall connection to our Samoan culture through learning basic Gagana Samoa. These stories became Mila’s My Gagana Series 1 (Lagi Spies, Mase’s Room, Malia Shares) which were launched and released with Little Island Press in May 2019.

Q. Where does the name ‘Mila’s Books’ come from?

#1) I have two sons and I always thought that if I had a daughter I would call her Mila.

The two coconut trees in our logo represent my two sons and the idea of growing as we develop our cultural confidence and understanding.

#2) The name, Mila’s Books, came from a combination of things – a personal reflection about knowing what I know now, what I would do if I had a daughter in the future, and wanting to teach her everything I wish I had learned about our gagana and aganuu as a child.

Q. Do you have more books being released?

Ioe! Yes! Each year we will be releasing books for our different Mila’s Books Series and this year we will be releasing eight stories and six books #UpdateComingSoon!

We also get approached from time to time to write stories for different projects also.

Q. Where can I find Mila’s Books?

New Zealand:
Our main retail supplier for Mila’s Books is Lagi’s Routes from Pacific. All our books are available instore and online within New Zealand.

– Teine Samoa (paperback) can be ordered and delivered anywhere in the world via Amazon.com
– Teine Samoa (ebook) is available for instant download via Amazon.com
– Mila’s My Gagana Series 1 can be ordered and delivered anywhere in the world via Little Island Press website.

Mila’s Books can also be found in many independent book stores and libraries around New Zealand. If you cannot find any Mila’s books in a store near you, don’t worry just ask your book store to order them in for you!

Q. Can we book you for an author visit? What other services do you provide?

Absolutely! I visit schools, libraries and organisations. I also deliver:
– Student writing workshops
– Presentations at conferences and events
– Professional development workshops for school staff around culturally responsive practices and Literacy.

Q. Can you review my book?

Firstly congratulations on your new tusi faitau and how exciting!

I get very busy trying to write, develop, produce, promote and market Mila’s Books as well as other projects (on top of still being a mother, wife, daughter, aunty, niece etc.) so unfortunately I only review books if it is requested by a client or part of a project I am working on.

But if your Samoan/Pasifika children’s book aligns with our Mila’s Books mission I would be happy to share it with our audience online.

Q. Can you edit my manuscript or help me to publish my story?

I am not a professional editor, even though I wish I was! But I do recommend paying for one if you are self-publishing because they are amazing.

I am also really busy with Mila’s books, the services we offer and other projects, which means I will not be able to help you with publishing your story. But the good news is that there are many articles and videos online that share, show and tell you how to publish your story or how to approach a traditional publisher step-by-step!

Q. Can you ask your publisher to take a look at my story?

Short answer is: Sorry, no.
Long answer: Traditional publishers are very busy, busier than me with Mila’s Books, because they look after multiple authors and the production, promotion and launching of their books as well. So I actually have no influence over my publisher’s decisions to publish someone’s work.

If you would like to get your story published by a traditional publisher, you will need to approach them directly with your manuscript.

Q. Should I go with a traditional publisher or self-publish?

It is entirely up to you and your intentions for your story. For me, it starts with my story, my desired outcome, the time and energy I am willing to put in to developing, producing, publishing, promoting, marketing and selling my book #YipMoreThanJustWriting – I do this as a self published and a traditionally published author.

Also be aware that approaching traditional publishers is like applying for a job, you will need to submit your story as a manuscript, which they can reject. But if they like it, it is a good fit for their company and future book schedules, you could be offered a contract.

Research the pros and cons of going with a traditional publisher or self-publishing online as there’s plenty of detailed information out there.

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