Mila’s My Gagana Series 2

Released in May 2020 by One Tree House Publishers

Mila’s My Gagana Series 2 carries on our mission from the first set of early gagana readers we created:

Mila’s My Gagana Series promotes the learning of Gagana Sāmoa by providing accessible tusi faitau that supports and engages our tamaiti, fanau and faiā`oga in a fun and interactive way.  A rich literacy resource, each story is filled with relatable everyday contexts focusing on basic Gagana Sāmoa concepts and are ‘Tusi faitau for all the fanau’.

As a result of the demand for our first Mila’s My Gagana Series, there are now more stories in the second series due to the dual storybook format (2 stories in 1) and they are bigger in size to help share in the gagana fun!

Isaia Saya + Analia Asks – RRP $25NZD
Sala’s Surprise + Kuso’s Clean – RRP $25NZD

Order online or instore from Lagi Routes From the Pacific or
online from One Tree House

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