Convos on a plane

Yesterday I landed in Auckland, feeling so grateful for my life and ready to take on the world. Partly for the personal purpose of my trip and because I was travelling with my uncle #AnotherDad, but it was mostly because of an amazing convo I had with the girl sitting next to me on the plane.

After fastening our seat belt, we started with the usual routine surface questions about our reasons for travel. Then a discussion around our careers and our lockdown experiences. Then our questions got deeper and led to sharing our purpose, personal missions, with the convo naturally flowing into what life was all about for us.

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Lockdown Birthdays

Hubsta turned 37 years young today, but he’s one of those lucky ones that can pass as a guy in his late 20s and even still gets asked for i.d. #ThoseMalaeuluGenes.

This year, I personally think we did an awesome job of giving him the ultimate ‘gift of time’ ✅ …

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