My sister to my hood 💯

Growing up I always wanted a brother. Instead, I got an older sister.

My sister was always super quiet and I was always naturally loud and chatty #LikeMyMama. She would always tell me that I was adopted to push my buttons and I would turn into She-Hulk (my cousins still remind me about my violent tendencies & obsession with knives as a child #She-HulkRevengeTime). She would happily stay home and chill, whereas I would cry from boredom and play every sport I could just to get out of my house aka Islander Prison. She prefers luxury items and retail therapy, and I have always been cheap, love op-shopping and make my own clothes. At high school she won creative writing awards and I was the Maths whizz. She was my second mother who wouldn’t lie for me when I wanted to sneak out to go to a party and I would jump out the window thinking, YOLO!

It was safe to say we were total opposites.

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