Shoba & Keryn Kalyan, Pass It On

Mum and daughter, Shoba and Keryn Kalyan, successfully self-published an award winning Indian Gujarati cookbook, Pass It On. The vibrant book features over 100 authentic recipes, and tells a special story of how recipes have been passed down through generations from Gujarat in India, to New Zealand. Keryn shares their publishing journey with us.

When we first started our special project we thought cookbook making sounded simple, but we sure had our assumptions wrong! We soon realised that it wasn’t just about writing some recipes, taking a few photos and binding it all together. There were a whole bunch of unforeseen tasks to do, shortly realising that what we were getting into wasn’t just creating a book, but also creating a small business.

Nearly two entire years later we’ve only nearly reached the end, and now we’d like to take you through our journey to show you how we tackled our project. We hope that you can find inspiration through each of our blogs to make your very own cookbook, or to kick off a business idea that you’re passionate about that’s lurking in the back of your mind! … Read more about Shoba and Keryn’s publishing journey in detail here.

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